Birthday FAQ

How much notice do I need to give when ordering a cake?

We would like a 5-7 day notice, but sometimes we can decorate a cake in less time. We may be limited on flavors and decorating

What flavors of cake do you offer?

We offer nine flavors: Chocolate, Confetti, lemon, marble, orange, spice, strawberry, white and yellow

What size cakes do you offer, and do you offer different shapes?

We have 6 different sizes of sheet cakes. We also offer rounds, hearts, squares, and character shapes.

Will you deliver a cake for me?

We charge $40.00 for the local Peoria area (price is subject to change). We do not offer Sunday deliveries or holiday deliveries.

Can you put a picture on the cake?

There is a $10 extra charge for an edible photo. Bring in your copied photo (4"x6" or smaller) and we can place it on the cake

Do you offer adult cakes?

We do have a female nude/bikini cake. This cake must be paid for when the order is placed.